You have to ask yourself.. Is the world my keyboard? Or is the keyboard my world?



I’m starting to worry… Okay, the irony there is apparent. I always worry! But what I am starting to worry about this time is, people’s lack of knowledge about technology. Maybe not all technology as much as simply just computers. I do have my blog.. I’ll give you that. But I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter. And I got rid of them because they were changing me. Making me into the type of person I have always hated. The person who posts things every 5 seconds because not enough people responded to my last posts. The person who had 1,500 friends on Facebook but only knew a quarter of them. The person who posted a picture, and then deleted it if it didn’t receive enough likes. I just couldn’t take who I was becoming. Now, I feel like I can see everything about people that I didn’t see before because I am not buried behind a computer screen looking at a picture that had some major electronic surgery done to it. We all know you don’t really look like that. You are not fooling anyone 😉 What I worry about is the hate that can be passed through the internet. Now, if you are being picked on as a young kid, they can press send over and over and If something lands on the internet that you didn’t want anyone to know, it will be there forever. The computer is like writing all your secrets and fears in a black permanent marker on a white wall, and getting rid of it is like painting over it with a clear coat. You can coat it on as much as you want… You’re only making it glossy. Making it more appealing. The more people know you don’t want them to know what they know…. The more they care to know it.. How’s that for a tongue twister? Put into more simple terms….. Please be careful what you say to people on the internet.. You may just feel like a stranger with a witty comment.. But you could be the last thing someone reads before they decide to leave this earth forever..Sad but true.

To The New Year.

My first day of 2013 was, well, to say the least, Not good. A result of a little too much new years eve partying. But you know what i realized today… Some things are better left unsaid. And you cant move forward without letting go of the past. A few years ago if you would have asked me what the most important thing in my life was, i would say my acting career. But now, if you ask me, i’ll say my relationship. The person I love has changed my life in so many ways and i love every single moment of it. And i used to think there was something wrong with changing my top priorities. But now i realize that life goes on and we realize certain things are more important than others. There is nothing wrong with changing your goals or your desires. I want to have a good job that i am happy doing. Whether it be acting, or marketing. But most importantly, I want to get married. I want a house of my own to show that i have worked hard and i earned it. I want kids that i can raise with my husband and be proud of them no matter what it is they choose to do. I want to have the normal everyday struggles in life without the fake “Everything is perfect” movie fantasy. But i don’t want to make the mistake of planning my life out. I don’t want to have one single goal and give up everything in order to achieve it. Because if there is one thing i learned in 2012, probably the most eventful year of my life, it’s that you can’t plan your life out. There is no way of knowing just how much the unexpected can change your life. So this is to a new year, and new opportunities. Cheers to living day by day, and enjoying the little things.picture_17