About a little over a year ago i deleted my facebook account. I didn’t have anything else like a twitter or instagram. I was social network free, and let me tell you, IT FELT AMAZING! I didn’t have to worry about how many friends I had, i didn’t have to worry about how many likes i got on my status or my photo. And the biggest thing of all, I didn’t have to obsess over my boyfriends profile and who was talking to him. Even better was that my boyfriend had agreed to also delete his facebook. Our relationship couldn’t have been better. No worries, no paranoid feelings, nothing. But then he got a twitter. And i didn’t have one. But i could easily google his twitter and view it. So i did. And once again i had something to worry about. Something he had that i didn’t and it made me constantly paranoid. So just 3 days ago i decided to get a twitter. It felt nice to reconnect with old friends and hear people tell me they miss me. But in just 3 days, that stupid website made me and my boyfriend fight so much over probably the most ridiculous things ever known to be fought about. Also once again, i found myself obsessing over every girl that he talked to or followed. It is just so unhealthy for anyone to be subjected to that. This is why in todays society, women are so obsessed with their appearance. Because everyone edits their pictures to make them look like a perfect flawless version of themselves, and women aim to look like that in real life. Well news flash ladies… ITS NOT POSSIBLE! You cant airbrush your face in real life. Or edit every flaw. You can however develop eating disorders, wear 10 pounds of makeup, and get plastic surgery… But why can’t you just be happy with who you are? Is it that hard to just let go of the social networking and actually socialize with people face to face? My social life was 10 times better when i had no facebook or twitter. Anyways, I already deleted my twitter after 3 days, and i couldn’t be more happy. If anyone is doing anything wrong that affects me, then i will eventually find out. If i am meant to. I’m done searching for reasons to be unhappy. facebookcrack



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