Old ways VS. New ways

When a person is in the same frame of mind 99% of the time, they tend to feel like they can’t change it. Sometimes it may feel like it would be impossible to put your self in a good mood when you’ve already had a horrible day, but that is never the case. We choose how we feel. The saying “I can’t control my feelings” is in reference to one emotion and one emotion only. Love. Other than that, when someone we love dies, we choose to be sad or we choose to think of the positive memories we had with that person. If you are at a point in life where you have spent every previous day feeling sorry for your self, or dwelling on every negative thing in your life, stop. Choose to change that right now. Because you can. It is so easy to be happy. When something negative falls in front of you, step over it. Listen to music that makes you happy. Surround your self with happy people. People that make you laugh. One thing that makes me sad to see but I see it all too often is people staying in relationships that make them miserable. Are you really in love with someone when all the bad overshadows the good? When you fight and cry more than you love and laugh? Leaving a relationship you’ve had for so long can be difficult, but love is a major part in a persons happiness. If you are trying to break away from the old ways of being so unhappy all the time, you have to leave everything that makes you feel that way. Make way for the new things. The new way of living, happy.

So far so powerful!

Regarding my last post about visualization, I have recently come across evidence that what I said works. A few days ago I decided before I went to work that I wanted to visualize myself having a good day. I wanted a redbull and a front parking space. On my way to work i decided not to stress that I could possibly be late. Traffic was normally horrid at that time of the day. I stopped at a gas station and got myself a redbull and decided to take the usually longer way to work. I arrived there about fifteen minutes early and as i pulled into the parking lot, someone in a parking space three spots away from the front pulled out and I took it. I was beside myself. With all these small things that I wanted, things so pointless most of the time, suddenly seemed like results of a sort of power I held. I have been so much more positive about things. I am learning to make the best of every situation. This weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time. And I kept stumbling across more good fortunes. Happiness is not a mask one can wear and say they are happy. Happiness is a way of thinking and when you think happy, you live happy.

Where I am now..

Well, I am at a point of visualization. I have created an image in my mind of what I want to happen in my life. To make that clear, I am an aspiring actress. At just 18 years old I have been focusing on acting for about 6 years now. Where am I on this goal? I have an agent, i have done a radio commercial for B96.3, I have done an industrial for Second City, and I have worked as a stand in for the new 2013 Superman movie. Where do i want this to take me? California. I want an agent there that will present me with jobs for film. Feature and or independent. Today, I wrote on an envelope what i would like to see come in the mail. I put “Los Angeles Acting agency” as the return adress on the top left and I put My information in the middle as the receiver. Why? Because this is what I want to see in my life. This is my next goal. I placed a piece of paper inside and i wrote “WELCOME TO OUR AGENCY!” on it. If you are ruling a judgment right now on me and it states that I am insane, so be it. But i have one advantage that you never will with that frame of mind…. I can have whatever I want. And I will.

The Video that changed my life. Click here to watch. Be INSPIRED.

For Starters….

This is the part of my site where everyone can read where I am and why I am there. I am a person of many goals, and it would be my pleasure to share them with people who care, and people who i love. I will continue to post my life on here and you can choose to read, or leave. But let me just tell you that one day, you will want to read everyday. Because I will become a product of my own hard work and dedication and you will want to know every detail of how i got there. But for now, I will write to nobody. Enjoy.

Failure VS. Trying

There is a thin line between success and failure. The sad thing about this fact is that most people in the world fall on the side of failure. What is it to fail? Failing is not, having a goal but not achieving it. It is not getting an F on an assignment you thought you aced. It is not being told you didn’t get the job. Failure is:  not trying your hardest to achieve your goal. Not putting every ounce of your mind and effort into that assignment. Not doing the proper precautions to ace that job interview. Failure is a state of mind. It is the attitude one has on the outcome of their objective. You can be told no time and time again for the same thing. But it is not until you quit that you have failed. We can do anything we want in this life. But not without sacrifice, dedication, and consequences. Unfortunately in most peoples mind, consequence is a negative term. But it doesn’t have to always be that way. It is a trade. You can do this but you have to give this up first. There is nothing wrong with change. It is the only consistent thing in this life. Change should be welcome because it is the one thing we expect every day. Today is not like yesterday. It has changed. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing anything. Because failure is a state of mind created after you stop trying. So never stop trying. And you will never fail.