You can’t change the negativity in your life without an open mind. Do you expect the positivity to just let its self in?!

This is going to get personal♥

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  1. It’s a valid question 🙂 ? I remember reading (somewhere) that if’you’re not quite happy with the way the world around you treats you, your best bet is to start changing yourself! (‘Cause the world might be seen as kind of a mirror!)

    Thanks for folowing my blog! Operating out of USA ?

    • Yes, I am in the USA!

      And point well made. Though I feel that if I am who I am. And I keep at it strong, without ever losing faith in myself, The world will soon realize it must get out of my way and help me get to where I am going.

      And no problem, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • That’s probably where you might go wrong, young lady!
        The world might be a beautiful place to be, but it can alsop be a monster that will squash you into oblivion!
        Yes, there is nothing wrong in believing in yourself, but what if you are wrong on some points? And it’s gonna be your own stubborness that wil finally kill you?
        It’s a good advise to sail with the winds as long as possible, at least as long as they are pushing you in the right direction, but – when the wind starts to blow in the opposite direction it’s safe to start looking for other ways to mget where you want to go? And if that means changing yourself in some ways, I’d really give it a serious thought instead of batteling the winds to no awail for the next ten years.
        Don’t you think?

        Tell you what: Set your final goal! Hollywood, was it?
        Then make a plan taking you there step by step.
        Step ‘A’, Step ‘B’, Step *C’ and put a date on each step. When you shall start and at what time you want to have reached your goal in that step.

        Next you sit down with yourself (and good friends) and ask yourself what you have to acchieve, when and how, in order to reach your goal in plan ‘A’ till the set date. Reward yourself if/when you do.

        Then you start towards step ‘B’ . . .

        You’ll get there, but very very few people makes Hollywood directly!
        Some never make it, no matter what they do!

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